News from your DanceSport Anti-Doping Chairperson - James Crowell, MD

All Athletes, Officials, Managers, Trainers, and other Participants must agree to and comply with the provisions of the current version of The Code (WDSF Anti-Doping Code). It is the personal responsibility of each participant subject to the provisions of The Code to ensure that he/she does not use or allow the use of any prohibited substance or prohibited method.

In order to participate in our National Competition, all athletes and adjudicators are required to sign the Form of Consent, which is part of The Code. The Organizer of the competition must refuse entrance to any athlete or adjudicator who has not completed and signed the Form of Consent.

At the National Competition level, prior to check in with the registrar, both members of the partnership must complete and sign the Form of Consent, in person, with the anti-doping official or his representtive on site. In the case of a minor athlete, a parent or designated guardian must also sign the Form of Consent. Once the "Form of Consent" is completed by both members of the partnership, the registrar may then complete the registration process and issue the competitor number.

The Anti-Doping section of the DanceSport Rulebook has been revised to clarify the requirements and rules. There are times when a DanceSport athlete must use a substance listed in the WADA Prohibited List for medical reasons. To gain approval for this use, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form must be completed and submitted as defined in the rule book section 4.5.3., at least 30 days in advance of the event. To determine if a TUE is needed, WHEN to apply for a TUE, and HOW to submit a TUE, please follow the procedure found on the National Anti-Doping Agency’s web site at under the athlete tab. If you are a DanceSport Athlete participating in an International Event or are in the WDSF International Registered Testing Pool, you would complete the TUE form.

I encourage all of you, DanceSport Athletes, Adjudicators, Trainers, Officials, and Social Dancers to explore the following web sites to further your understanding of Anti-Doping Controls at USA Dance Competitions.

All DanceSport athletes participating in USA Dance competitions are eligible to be selected for doping control. As a DanceSport Athlete, you are bound by the Code. In support of DanceSport Athletes, I have added the links to the Code, Responsibilities of Athletes, and Therapeutic Use Exemption under the Anti-Doping section of  the DanceSport tab at Please take time to read them (I know it can be boring but it is information you are held accountable for).

What is Doping Control?

Doping Control, the terminology in sport that refers to drug testing for performance enhancing substances, is the process of collecting samples for analysis as described in the international standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency and specific International Federations.

The athlete must follow the directions for Therapeutic Use Exemption. The procedure and form to be filled out by the athlete and the physician are found on the DanceSport tab under anti-doping Rulebook Edition 2016, section 4.5.