An event like the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships requires hard work and dedication by a core of planning and organizing volunteers throughout the preceding year.

During the days of the event we call upon our membership and supporters to help us complete our mission. We depend on volunteers, like you, to create a successful, professional, and friendly event.

We have expectations of all our volunteers: to follow through on their commitments; to follow the guidelines that apply to their positions; to be good representatives of the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships; and to provide a friendly and helpful atmosphere for all our guests.

If you have a few hours during the weekend of this event and would like to participate as a member of our volunteer team, there are a few benefits:

Volunteer Benefits

For every shift worked, you will receive a voucher for the number of hours worked. These vouchers may be combined to receive spectator tickets or competitive entry refunds. Vouchers can be used yourself or given to anyone that you wish.

To receive Spectator Tickets:

  • You may exchange vouchers worth 4 hours for a Day Session ticket.
  • You may exchange vouchers worth 8 hours for an Evening Session ticket.
  • Your free tickets will be to the sessions of your choice.
  • Volunteer hours may be divided in shifts across the competition weekend but you will not receive your ticket(s) prior to completing the requisite number of hours.
  • There will be no redeeming of partial credit; you cannot work 2 hours to get half off a Day Session ticket.
  • If you work late in the weekend (Sunday), you can request a rebate rather than a ticket.

To receive Competitive Entry Refunds:

  • You may exchange vouchers worth 12 hours for a refund of one competitive entry.
  • The exchange will be processed as a refund. You will have to pay your competition entry fees when you register and then receive a refund after the event.
  • To receive your refund, you will have to turn in your vouchers along with a form with your name and contact information to the Treasurer by the end of the competition weekend. Your refund will be given to you upon receipt of the form & vouchers.
  • Vouchers cannot be applied as credit toward future USA Dance Nationals events.

Other Volunteering Information

  • If your volunteer assignment is inside the ballroom, you will be admitted to the ballroom without charge during your shift. An admission ticket will be required if you want to enter the ballroom during a session at times other than your assigned shift.
  • Volunteers will need to sign in at the Volunteer Office 10 minutes before the start of each assigned shift and sign out at the end of the shift.
  • Snacks will be provided in the Volunteer Office.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@usadancenationals.org